Have you taken the Founders Pledge?

In the midst of growing FundApps, I gave far less time to charity than I’d have liked. Despite the generous volunteering policy we established, at a personal level my charity amounted to a few small donations, a little micro-finance, and some occasional volunteering. I countered this feeling of ‘I should do more’ with a vague notion. That is, if against… Read more “Have you taken the Founders Pledge?”

Replacing maternity & paternity with parental leave

A friend of mine recently went to his head of HR to arrange shared parental leave. They had no clue how the process worked, asked him how he was going to cover the work, and warned that it might not be possible. My friend had to calmly point out that this was in fact their problem, not his – and… Read more “Replacing maternity & paternity with parental leave”

Retro-fitting remote working

I wrote my last post about remote working on my way to Gran Canara almost 4 years ago. It was the first time I had attempted to work remotely from the team based in London, and the reality was – remote working was really hard! We aren’t a “remote-first” company, and I knew working with the team when they weren’t… Read more “Retro-fitting remote working”

Simple catch-all AWS budgets

We got caught out recently by significantly high usage of AWS CloudWatch, and realised we’d been spending $1000/month more than expected. After tracking down the cause (one of the team had turned on detailed instance monitoring) – I wanted to ensure we had a bit more of a heads up next time. We had budgets set for all the major… Read more “Simple catch-all AWS budgets”

Licensing SQL Server in AWS? It’s up to twice as expensive as Azure or Rackspace Cloud.

… and regardless of cloud provider, it’s (probably) costing you 2x what it would on dedicated kit. So AWS could be costing you 4x what it would cost to license on dedicated hardware. Disclaimer: I am certainly not a SQL Server licensing expert, nor that much of a cloud expert. The purpose of this post is to hopefully prove that… Read more “Licensing SQL Server in AWS? It’s up to twice as expensive as Azure or Rackspace Cloud.”

Starting a remote working journey

Today I head to Gran Canaria for a month. Not for holiday, but to work. I’ll be leaving my friends and work colleagues back in London, whilst trying to convince them that this isn’t all about sitting on a beach and surfing all day long. I’ve always read with admiration and a fair dose of jealousy the stories from various… Read more “Starting a remote working journey”

developerFusion community relaunches

As some of you will know, I’ve run the developerFusion community for many years now, as a part-time hobby. Now, some big changes are afoot! 2 months ago I packed in my day job to focus on the site full-time, and have now made the first big step and re-launched the site. You can check it out at http://www.developerfusion.com/. This… Read more “developerFusion community relaunches”

Microsoft Generational Roundtable

I took part in an interesting debate today, organised by Microsoft, discussing the latest generation of new graduates, their role in the IT industry – and how they shape it, or are shaped by it. The discussion covered a broad range of issues, and definitely got those brain cells working! Some of the things raised were…. How our current education… Read more “Microsoft Generational Roundtable”

Developer Fusion reaches 1/2 Million Unique Users/month

Forgive me for sounding my own trumpet, so to speak… but this is a significant milestone for me! Developer Fusion has reached over 500,000 unique users* in the last 30 days, which is great news, and the first time it’s broken this (albeit artificial) barrier. Next target: 750,000! Many thanks to everyone who helps out or participates in the community. … Read more “Developer Fusion reaches 1/2 Million Unique Users/month”