Exploding cows in Minecraft…

Last weekend I was at Womad festival, helping kids fire exploding cows from catapults in Minecraft. Not my usual line of work as CTO, or typical festival experience for that matter! I was volunteering with Devoxx4Kids who organise events worldwide where children can develop computer games, program robots and also have an introduction to electronics. CERN had invited Devoxx4Kids to… Read more “Exploding cows in Minecraft…”

Get your tech events featured on MSDN UK and TechNet UK!

This announcement is well overdue, but better late than never! After much hard work by the DPE team at Microsoft in the UK – thanks in particular go out to Clare – we’ve now integrated the Developer Fusion events feed with the Microsoft UK community pages. This means that anyone who submits a Microsoft technology-related event to Developer Fusion will also automatically… Read more “Get your tech events featured on MSDN UK and TechNet UK!”

Upcoming (Free) UK Developer Events

There’s so many great events coming up all around the UK at the moment – and best of all, they’re free. If you haven’t tried one yet, check out the UK developer event listings to find one near you. Here are just a few db4o: An Embeddable Database Engine for Object-Oriented Environments Wednesday, 10 October 2007, 19:00 – 21:00 in… Read more “Upcoming (Free) UK Developer Events”

Future of Web Apps in London – (plus 20% discount!)

Future of Web Apps have a run a great set of events in both the US and the UK – and there’s one coming up in London on Oct 3-5. Just to give you a taster, there are speakers from Digg Flickr Facebook WordPress FeedBurner Yahoo Adobe Microsoft Not bad eh? Even better – Developer Fusion has organised a 20%… Read more “Future of Web Apps in London – (plus 20% discount!)”

Free Silverlight Training

If you’ve been wanting to get up to speed on Silverlight but haven’t had the time yet – then you might be interested in this. Developer Fusion has teamed up with InnerWorkings to offer some totally free Silverlight training, to all Developer Fusion visitors. We’re also got, amongst others, a 15% discount on DevelopMentor training, and 10% discount on the… Read more “Free Silverlight Training”

Microsoft Generational Roundtable

I took part in an interesting debate today, organised by Microsoft, discussing the latest generation of new graduates, their role in the IT industry – and how they shape it, or are shaped by it. The discussion covered a broad range of issues, and definitely got those brain cells working! Some of the things raised were…. How our current education… Read more “Microsoft Generational Roundtable”

Promote your User Group,Events and Job Vacancies (for free)!

Developer Fusion has gone global! I've expanded the listings on Developer Fusion to include information about user groups, events and job vacancies from all over the world, rather than just in the UK. When visiting, the site will automatically display content most relevant to you (from your country!), and I'm going to be working hard to increase our coverage of… Read more “Promote your User Group,Events and Job Vacancies (for free)!”

Developer Fusion Community Editor

I'm back in the UK now, after a 6 month jaunt around the world (photos, for anyone who is interested!).  Now that I'm back, I'm going to start looking for someone to help me keep on top of the article and code submissions for Developer Fusion, so that I can hopefully focus on getting some new community features up and… Read more “Developer Fusion Community Editor”

Do you run or attend a User Group?

If you’re involved in a User Group (in *any* country), I’d encourage you to submit information about your group to Developer Fusion at http://www.developerfusion.co.uk/members/submit.aspx – you will then be listed within our directory of resources; like these .NET User groups that we’re already listing. I really want to try and give everyone as much publicity as possible! You can even… Read more “Do you run or attend a User Group?”

Developer Fusion reaches 1/2 Million Unique Users/month

Forgive me for sounding my own trumpet, so to speak… but this is a significant milestone for me! Developer Fusion has reached over 500,000 unique users* in the last 30 days, which is great news, and the first time it’s broken this (albeit artificial) barrier. Next target: 750,000! Many thanks to everyone who helps out or participates in the community. … Read more “Developer Fusion reaches 1/2 Million Unique Users/month”

Developer Events in January

Just thought I’d post some information about upcoming developer events in January dotted around the UK! If you haven’t been to one before, why not give it a go? Ian Griffiths on C# 3.0Thursday, 12 January 2006, 18:30 – 21:00 in London, UK (London .NET User Group) With the covers barely off on C# 2.0 we are planning on kicking… Read more “Developer Events in January”

Enhanced UK Developer Event Listings

I've now got some enhanced UK developer event listings up on Developer Fusion – check it out at UK Developer Events. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome. Made a nice use of the Google Maps API to do this… (sorry Microsoft, but the MapPoint service is way out of my price league!). Next on the cards will be setting up… Read more “Enhanced UK Developer Event Listings”