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Microsoft Generational Roundtable

I took part in an interesting debate today, organised by Microsoft, discussing the latest generation of new graduates, their role in the IT industry – and how they shape it, or are shaped by it. The discussion covered a broad range of issues, and definitely got those brain cells working! Some of the things raised were….

  • How our current education system stimulates (or fails to stimulate) innovation, and whether educational institutions – at all levels – could do more to support this.
  • Establishing closer ties to business, at university level if not earlier – so students can engage with not only academics, but tap into the experience and knowledge of individuals with years of experience in the industry
  • How can we address the huge gender gap in the IT industry – can leading women within the industry to try to break down some of those preconceptions by engaging with potential students at an early stage?
  • Moving towards a increasingly flexi-time, telecommuting business world – will businesses that fail to adapt to accomodate their employees needs struggle to hold on to staff? How will this affect working hours?
  • Looking forward to the next 5-10 years and how technology might further change the way we work.

All in all, a very good morning, with some very interesting folks!

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