Not ready to #DeleteFacebook? Here’s some baby steps…

I admit it. I still haven’t taken the plunge to #DeleteFacebook. I can’t remember the last time I posted anything on it, but friends still invite me to events and send me messages via Messenger. Likewise, I haven’t brought myself to using VPN as standard, or Tor for that matter! That said, here’s some things you might like to try,… Read more “Not ready to #DeleteFacebook? Here’s some baby steps…”

Starting a remote working journey

Today I head to Gran Canaria for a month. Not for holiday, but to work. I’ll be leaving my friends and work colleagues back in London, whilst trying to convince them that this isn’t all about sitting on a beach and surfing all day long. I’ve always read with admiration and a fair dose of jealousy the stories from various… Read more “Starting a remote working journey”

Talking at the London .NET User Group

I gave my first ever presentation yesterday at the London .NET User Group (held at Microsoft’s offices in London) on their “Open Mic” night yesterday. The talk was on “AJAX in ASP.NET” and I amazed myself and actually really enjoyed the experience! A number of people commented on my decision to write code as I talked in the demo (rather than… Read more “Talking at the London .NET User Group”

Home for Christmas

I’m back home for Christmas now (yes, I know – its barely december… what can I say…?), so I thought I’d finally update my various blogs! It’s been a busy past few months… In mid-October, I attended the first Microsoft “Connect” event held in Barcelona. The idea behind this was to bring together community leaders from around Europe – along… Read more “Home for Christmas”