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Developer Fusion reaches 1/2 Million Unique Users/month

Forgive me for sounding my own trumpet, so to speak… but this is a significant milestone for me! Developer Fusion has reached over 500,000 unique users* in the last 30 days, which is great news, and the first time it’s broken this (albeit artificial) barrier. Next target: 750,000! Many thanks to everyone who helps out or participates in the community.  I’m really hoping running the site can become a full-time thing now, which should loads more useful features for all our visitors.

In other news, after a few teething problems (ie, pulling my hair out for the last 48 hours), the forums are now using Community Server 2.0 RC1 – keep an eye out for the final release from the Telligent team on 20 Feb. Great stuff!

* Source: Google Analytics

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