DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper II – Summary

Well, the second DDD day has come and gone – and I think I can safely say from everyone I’ve talked to, it was a great success. My thanks go out to all of you for making it such a great event. If you were there, and haven’t yet given feedback on the event, do it now at to help us make the next one even better (and as a speaker, it would be really useful to get some idea as to what I really need to work on).

I was pretty nervous giving my AJAX in ASP.NET presentation (especially considering the room was packed out, with over 100 people there), but I think it went down well, despite a few technical difficulties with the first demo! Apologies to those of you who turned up in the afternoon only to find it had been moved into a morning slot – but I’ve now put my slides up; you can grab them from here. Any problems, let me know.

Thanks also to Sarah Blow for arranging an excellent dinner following the event – it was very much enjoyable!

Talking at the London .NET User Group

I gave my first ever presentation yesterday at the London .NET User Group (held at Microsoft’s offices in London) on their “Open Mic” night yesterday. The talk was on “AJAX in ASP.NET” and I amazed myself and actually really enjoyed the experience! A number of people commented on my decision to write code as I talked in the demo (rather than pasting it and talking people through it), and by the sounds like this was a good option (provided you remember what you’re writing!) – but you’re obviously fairly limited on the amount of code you’re going to be getting through. On the other hand, if you can’t write it in the timescale of the presentation, then maybe the demo’s too complicated anyway! For anyone who’s interested, I put the slides and demos online here.

Anyhow – my thanks go out to Ian Cooper for giving me the chance to take part – and everyone attending for being so supportive. I’d really urge anyone who’s got a topic that they’re interested in and knowledgeable in to think about giving speaking a go – if I can do it, anyone can! :-,,)

Next stop… the DDD day in October. Hopefully!

OPML Feed for UK Developer Blogs

We’ve now got over 90 UK developer blogs being archived on Developer Fusion, so I’ve now put up an OPML feed so you can easily add these to your own aggregator. See for the blog archive, and for the list of blogs being aggregated, and the OPML links.

If you’ve got a blog that’s not listed there and would like it to be, then drop me a line. We’ve driven over 50,000 clicks to UK developer blogs since we launched the section in February, so it’s well worth your while! And if you haven’t got a blog, and would like one – then let me know and I can sort you out with one :,,) Next up… full text searching of the UK developer blog archive!

PS If your blog is listed, and you think the service is useful, then if you could link back to Developer Fusion that would be great! 🙂

Students: Get your entries in for the Imagine Cup!

If you’re a student, and haven’t already checked out the Imagine Cup, then its definitely worth a look – for one thing, you could win $25,000 in the top prize for the Software Design Challenge! Any student who registers before April 1st will get a FREE copy of Visual Studio .NET 2003 Academic Edition, plus free membership of theSpoke Premium. Plus, the first 10,000 students who submit an actual entry will also get a copy of Office 2003 Standard.

Free UK Developer Job Listings

Just thought I’d post to let people know – I’m about to start listing UK Developer Jobs on Developer Fusion. If any of you have an open position that you need filled in the UK – and would like some free advertising, then please drop me a line, and we can get the job listed. Note that if you’re from a recruitment organisation, I might be a bit more restrictive as to what you can post – but we’ll see how it goes.

And as always – any comments/suggestions/ideas for the site are always more than welcome.

Scott Guthrie in London (17 Feb)

Scott Guthrie is in London on 17 Feb to give an MSDN Technical Briefing on “Introducing ASP.NET 2.0”. If there’s a “father” of ASP.NET, Scott Guthrie’s the guy! You can register at – I imagine the places will go fairly quickly.

UK Bloggers on Developer Fusion

It’s been an amazingly productive day! We’re now also aggregating RSS feeds from a whole host of UK developers – you can view them here . The list was predominently stolen from Tim Sneath’s list of .NET bloggers – but if I’ve missed anyone, please do drop me a line.

I’ll stop shamelessly promoting my site now – honest ;,,)