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Enhanced UK Developer Event Listings

I've now got some enhanced UK developer event listings up on Developer Fusion – check it out at UK Developer Events. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome. Made a nice use of the Google Maps API to do this… (sorry Microsoft, but the MapPoint service is way out of my price league!). Next on the cards will be setting up an extended RSS format for events (there doesn't seem to be one at the moment?) so we can pull information directly from UK user groups such as VBUG.

Watch this space!

If you run a user group or other developer (or IT-pro) related events in the UK, drop me a line and we'll get information about your upcoming events listed, along with a page for your organisation.

2 replies on “Enhanced UK Developer Event Listings”

I”ve tried adding an event, but I didn”t have enough permissions to add a venue, so the page bombed out when I submitted. I”ve tried emailing you, but your spam filter has wings of steel.

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