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Talking at the London .NET User Group

I gave my first ever presentation yesterday at the London .NET User Group (held at Microsoft’s offices in London) on their “Open Mic” night yesterday. The talk was on “AJAX in ASP.NET” and I amazed myself and actually really enjoyed the experience! A number of people commented on my decision to write code as I talked in the demo (rather than pasting it and talking people through it), and by the sounds like this was a good option (provided you remember what you’re writing!) – but you’re obviously fairly limited on the amount of code you’re going to be getting through. On the other hand, if you can’t write it in the timescale of the presentation, then maybe the demo’s too complicated anyway! For anyone who’s interested, I put the slides and demos online here.

Anyhow – my thanks go out to Ian Cooper for giving me the chance to take part – and everyone attending for being so supportive. I’d really urge anyone who’s got a topic that they’re interested in and knowledgeable in to think about giving speaking a go – if I can do it, anyone can! :-,,)

Next stop… the DDD day in October. Hopefully!

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