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MSN 7 – “Listening to” feature works with iTunes!

Just downloaded the final release of MSN 7 and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the “What I’m Listening to” feature even works with iTunes – cool! In addition there’s now an option to displays the contact’s images in the main list, so I’ve got another chance to spot the contact I’m looking for – the majority of which generally have meaningless sign in names!

Update: if you’re having trouble getting this working, check out – you basically need to go to Tools / Options / General and check “Open Messenger main window when Messenger starts.”

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It wasnt working for me either so I installed the latest windows media player and now for some odd reason it does. Dunno how but It worked for me, hope it helps

i installed the latest version of itunes and it worked for me but now its stopped working and i have no idea why..

It”s quite easy. First, you set all your music types to be listened to with iTunes. I think that it can work even if you don”t do that.
Then, you do control + alt + Del to get your task manager. Then you look for wmplayer, windows media player, however your computer shows it as, and you end it”s task. Works like a charm with me~

i want it to get it to work with iTunes too! i have the latest msn, it worked on the other computers for me, but why can”t it work now? please help!

Stick on Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete, then select task manager, or however your computer works it) go into Processes or something and find wmplayer, end it, then iTunes will work to show what yer listenin 2 on MSN!!!

mine used to show what i”m listening to with spotify and itunes but now i have updated to windows 7 it doesnt seem to work

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