Restoring an old bkf backup file on macOS or Windows 10 (/8/7)

I recently realised I had a load of old projects and data sitting in a lovely 100GB bkf file – generated by the ntbackup program that used to ship with Windows XP and Windows 2008 – but no way to access them. Microsoft released a restore-only version for 2008 R2 / Windows 7, but there was no version of ntbackup… Read more “Restoring an old bkf backup file on macOS or Windows 10 (/8/7)”

Disabling Chrome’s Metro app in Windows 8

At time of writing, if you replace IE with Chrome on Windows 8 then Chrome installs both a desktop and a Metro version of itself. Personally, as most of my time is spent in the desktop, I’d rather Chrome just always opened there. There’s currently an open issue on the chromium website, but in the meantime there’s a relatively simple… Read more “Disabling Chrome’s Metro app in Windows 8”

Unblocking downloaded DLLs

I find myself regularly forgetting to unblock zip files of various projects (when I’m not using NuGet) and then getting .NET errors around untrusted assemblies. To bulk unblock all files in a directory, simply Download the SysInternals “Streams” utility. Then open a command prompt in the directory you want to fix up, and use the “-d” parameter: streams -d *.dll… Read more “Unblocking downloaded DLLs”

Shared Printers across Windows Vista and Windows XP

Since getting a shiny new machine running Vista, I’d been having a bit of grief trying to get it to print to my Canon i6500 printer shared through another Windows XP machine. Vista has built-in support for the printer (running locally), but when trying to add it across a network, as the XP machine could not supply the correct 64bit Vista drivers,… Read more “Shared Printers across Windows Vista and Windows XP”

MSN 7 – “Listening to” feature works with iTunes!

Just downloaded the final release of MSN 7 and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the “What I’m Listening to” feature even works with iTunes – cool! In addition there’s now an option to displays the contact’s images in the main list, so I’ve got another chance to spot the contact I’m looking for – the majority of which generally… Read more “MSN 7 – “Listening to” feature works with iTunes!”

£16,000 worth of Microsoft software for only £199!

This isn’t a new programme, but it seems a lot of people have never heard of this, so here goes…. If you are a *UK* organisation that sells Microsoft products, or provides solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies to third-party customers, then you can qualify to purchase the Microsoft Action Pack for £199. You just need to be a… Read more “£16,000 worth of Microsoft software for only £199!”