New RSS Feed for Developer Fusion

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to publishing an RSS feed for the articles on Developer Fusion . You can get it here – . For anyone who’s interested in the code behind it – I just wrote this simple helper class./// <summary>/// Enables the generation of an RSS feed/// </summary>public class RSSFeedGenerator{    XmlTextWriter writer;    public RSSFeedGenerator( System.IO.Stream… Read more “New RSS Feed for Developer Fusion”

Windows IE exploit found after source code leak

I must admit this happened much quicker than I thought it would :- see these articles on the Register and Security tracker – apparently an exploit for a buffer overrun problem in IE *5* has already been released – supposedly discovered by reading the leaked windows source code. I’m curious as to whether this source code leak will be a… Read more “Windows IE exploit found after source code leak”

Performance of C# vs VB.NET

Someone asked me a few days ago whether there were any major differences between C# and VB.NET performance, and my immediate reaction was “certainly not!”…. until I just came across this article on In it, the author points out that for the number of program he tried, the C# version consistently generated fewer lines of IL code than its… Read more “Performance of C# vs VB.NET”