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New RSS Feed for Developer Fusion

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to publishing an RSS feed for the articles on Developer Fusion . You can get it here – .

For anyone who’s interested in the code behind it – I just wrote this simple helper class.

/// <summary>/// Enables the generation of an RSS feed/// </summary>public class RSSFeedGenerator{    XmlTextWriter writer;    public RSSFeedGenerator(… Read more “New RSS Feed for Developer Fusion”
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Windows IE exploit found after source code leak

I must admit this happened much quicker than I thought it would :- see these articles on the Register and Security tracker – apparently an exploit for a buffer overrun problem in IE *5* has already been released – supposedly discovered by reading the leaked windows source code.

I’m curious as to whether this source code leak will be a … Read more “Windows IE exploit found after source code leak”

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Performance of C# vs VB.NET

Someone asked me a few days ago whether there were any major differences between C# and VB.NET performance, and my immediate reaction was “certainly not!”…. until I just came across this article on In it, the author points out that for the number of program he tried, the C# version consistently generated fewer lines of IL code than its … Read more “Performance of C# vs VB.NET”


Yet another blog

I find it incredible just how many great developer blogs are around now. I can’t hope that this blog will be anywhere as interesting as the rest, but this one’s *mine* ;,,)

So, welcome to my blog! I suppose a short introduction is in order….

I’m currently in my 2nd year of a Computer Science degree. Although force-fed an awful … Read more “Yet another blog”