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Automatically tracking outbound links in Google Analytics

Google Analytics supports a nifty feature called “Events”, which is designed to allow you to track non-pageview type events. This is particularly helpful if you have an AJAX type interface on which you want to gather statistics, but another use I’ve found handy is to track clicks on external links to other sites. If you’re using the asyncronous version of … Read more “Automatically tracking outbound links in Google Analytics”

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Google “panda” update – impact on small publishers

An open letter to Google.

I’ve been doing online publishing since 1999, across various successful websites, and have never knowingly been affected by any of your previous algorithm changes – sticking to the motto of great content, and optimizing for our user experience had so far done us well.

However, the Google “panda” algorithm changes being made over the last … Read more “Google “panda” update – impact on small publishers”

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Posting to Facebook Page using C# SDK from offline app

If you want to post to a facebook page using the Facebook Graph API and the Facebook C# SDK, from an “offline” app, there’s a few steps you should be aware of.

First, you need to get an access token that your windows service or app can permanently use. You can get this by visiting the following url (all on … Read more “Posting to Facebook Page using C# SDK from offline app”

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Checklist

Search engine optimisation is pretty much part and parcel of creating websites these days. Getting the basics right don’t require a large amount of work, but can make all the difference. Many of these also improve the general usability and accessibility of your site too – so you get three major benefits rolled into one.

The points below are just … Read more “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Checklist”