AppData location when running under System user account

As it took far too much Googling to find this, if you need to access the AppData folder for the System account, go here:

I hit this because we needed to clear the NuGet package cache for a TeamCity build agent which was running as a service under the System account.

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Thanks for putting this out here, I had some trouble finding this location as well.

Note that, while this is true for NuGet, if your application uses logging and stores the logging in %APPDATA%, it will end up in the same location except it’s AppData\Roaming (as opposed to AppData\Local).

Great! I spent an hour searching for this. Since the cache folder needs admin permissions to open, it doesn’t show up in the search as well. Thanks a lot for posting this. Big thumbs up!

Thank you so much for this post. I spent a long time trying to look for the AppData folder location and none of the answers I found online worked except this one.

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