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OPML Feed for UK Developer Blogs

We’ve now got over 90 UK developer blogs being archived on Developer Fusion, so I’ve now put up an OPML feed so you can easily add these to your own aggregator. See for the blog archive, and for the list of blogs being aggregated, and the OPML links.

If you’ve got a blog that’s not listed there and would like it to be, then drop me a line. We’ve driven over 50,000 clicks to UK developer blogs since we launched the section in February, so it’s well worth your while! And if you haven’t got a blog, and would like one – then let me know and I can sort you out with one :,,) Next up… full text searching of the UK developer blog archive!

PS If your blog is listed, and you think the service is useful, then if you could link back to Developer Fusion that would be great! 🙂

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