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£16,000 worth of Microsoft software for only £199!

This isn’t a new programme, but it seems a lot of people have never heard of this, so here goes….

If you are a *UK* organisation that sells Microsoft products, or provides solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies to third-party customers, then you can qualify to purchase the Microsoft Action Pack for £199. You just need to be a Registered Member of the Microsoft Partner Programme to subscribe (this process is free).

Some of the products included are

  • Office Professional 2003 ( 10 licenses )
  • Windows XP Pro ( 10 licenses )
  • Info Path ( 10 licenses )
  • SQL Server 2000 ( 10 CAL licenses )
  • Exchange Server 2003 ( 10 CAL licenses )
  • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition ( 10 CAL licenses )

Well worth a look! (Though note these are not-for-distribution versions) .

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