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CodeZone UK Launched

For all you UK developers out there – CodeZone UK was officially launched during the TechEd Europe conference, after a lot of work on Microsoft’s part (with a little bit of help from community leaders to provide some initial content!)¬†As of last Friday the site now indexes content from both Developer Fusion and DNJ online, and hopefully many more as the site grows.

CodeZone UK was launched to bring together the individual developer community groups in the UK – from developer web sites to user groups – into a central repository. If all goes to plan, it will become a great resource of information of upcoming events across the UK, and new articles and other resources by UK authors.

If you run a User Group or website and are based in the UK, then please do register on the site and start submitting information! And if you’re a developer in the UK, then keep your eye out! The site has a few rough edges at the moment, but we’ll be working hard to make this a valuable resource for everyone in the UK.

If you’re elsewhere in Europe, and haven’t already found your country’s CodeZone site, then check out . You can subscribe to the free magazine too.

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