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Automatically convert VB.NET code to C#

I’ve just launched another utility on Developer Fusion – this time, a converter from VB.NET to C#. This is the only VB.NET to C# converter that I’m aware of which is currently online.

The code is very much a work-in-progress. As with the C# to VB.NET converter, the code is based on the great work of the #develop team. I’m currently bug squishing (and these fixes will then be passed on to the #develop team too), so if you find any problems, please do let me know.

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w00t this is great news and my quick tests indicate you”ve done a great job.

I have a ton of old code I need to banish to hades so if i do notice any problems I”ll send them your way.

Thank you.

Hi…… it is a GREAT work indeed….. but looking forward for the enhancements… plzzz implement the feature to convert the regions…. !! n thanks for the existing features…….

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