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Automatically Convert C# code to VB.NET

I’ve just put up the first (of many) planned utilities on Developer Fusion – a conversion tool for automatically translating C# code into its VB.NET equivalent.

Feel free to take a look, and let me know if you find any problems. The credit is 99.99% due to the guys behind #develop. I’ve simply made this tiny bit of their great application available online, plus added the ability to convert “bits” of classes or methods rather than just whole ones.

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Scott – the source code is available to anyone who asks, and I”ll be making it publicly available when I get the chance.

Markus has just pointed me in the direction of their latest build, which includes a parser for the reverse process – so I”ll try to get this up later in the week!


I”ve got a c# client application I”d like to

convert to VB. This is not a web application.

Will your application be able to convert this?



void Application_BeginRequest (Object sender, EventArgs e)



// TODO: Convert a path of the form

// …/quotes/page1.aspx into a path of the form

// …/rewritepath.aspx?id=1


HttpContext context = HttpContext.Current;

string oldpath = context.Request.Path.ToLower ();

string token = "/quotes/page";

int i = oldpath.IndexOf (token);

int len = token.Length;

if (i != -1) {

int j = oldpath.IndexOf (".aspx");

if (j != -1) {

string id =

oldpath.Substring (i + len, j – (i + len));

string newpath =

oldpath.Replace (token + id + ".aspx",

"/rewritepath.aspx?id=" + id);

context.RewritePath (newpath);





This could make things a lot easier for me. My boss wants me to rewrite my code in VB.NET and this would be a life saver.

Any chance I could get the code ([email protected])?



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